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Canfield Connector

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Canfield Connector offers a wide selection of quality electronic devices. We specialize in interconnection devices, electronic timers, proximity sensors, modules and specialty electronic devices. Our DIN 43650 solenoid valve connectors are the core of Canfield Connector and come in MINI, ISO and Sub-Micro 8mm or 9.4mm sizes, and both hardwired and fully molded [...]

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Alkon is one of the largest manufacturers of brass push-to-connect (PTC) fittings in the U.S. Alkon also is one of only a handful of companies worldwide with the technology to produce lapped spool valves, one line of many in our thousands of valve products, used in a variety of industries around the [...]

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50 Years Specializing in Air-Operated Vacuum Generator Technology We have designed and manufactured a broad range of vacuum pumps because there are advantages to each design and one design is not suitable for every application. Flexibility of Design Perfect for OEM Application With high tech design, precision [...]

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