Exor’s 40+ years of experience have led them to their flagship offer. JMobile Configuration Software, Series 500 Resistive Touch HMI, and Series 00 “True Glass” Capacitive Touch HMI. JMobile, alongside their 4+ decades of manufacturing excellence, offers industries’, connectivity, and portability; Web & Network enabled HMI solutions for secure control and data, anywhere, from any device. Exor’s “modern” tool set allows for crafting a more visually appealing, better “User Experience”.


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JSmart = Field Visualization Just Changed


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Extreme HMI Toughness 

Remote Monitoring Tools

The eXware represents a prudent first step into the implementation of IIoT and Industry 4.0 compatibility. Acting as the central element in IIoT landscape the eXware can communicate between automation devices, cloud, fog and applications.

Through use as a gateway, a powerful HMI, a PLC with CODESYS V3 or a secure router, the eXware facilitates data intensive and complex IIoT applications to be enabled.

The eSMART series of products combine the power of Jmobile with an outstandingly robust design. The  eSMART has been stripped down to only the essential components. While maintaining a IP66 protection rating for the front of the unit and is approved at cULus level. Pending we have UL Class 1 Div 2 and ATEX Class 2/22, allowing use in the most hazardous of environments.

Modern glass screen HMI with Muti-Touch and gestures. A beautiful product, with tremendous technical flexibility backed by a company with 45 years in the industry and with a market price similar to previous models. The eX700 Series represents a ground breaking product to come to market. It includes the Revolutionary IIoT Controller.

IP69K Food and Beverage HMI from Exor is Acid Chemical Resistant to Sodium hydroxide 50%, Ammonia <32%, Sulphuric Acid 30% and Acetic acid <50%. High Pressure 80°c Water Resistant, Stainless Steel Bezel Design, Food Compliant Gasket, FDA 21 CFR 177.2006, DIN EN1672-2, EHEDG. Protective front foils is made with high-quality polyester that withstands exposure of more than 24 hours duration under DIN 42 115 Part 2.

JMobile is a modern & innovative software solution for the design of HMI applications in a simple and intuitive way. A powerful and versatile tool set allowing for the rapid design of tailored applications crafted for a better, more modern user experience.

Integrated solutions HMI+PLC are ideal for compact applications.The optional plug-in modules are compatible with eTOP Series 500, Series 600, and eBIS500. The excellent price/performance ratio will make it the ideal solution for many of your control projects.

The eTOP Series 500 Glass is the ideal choice for extreme, outdoor, marine, automotive applications. IP69K – extended temperature range ( -20°C +60°C), ATEX, UL and DNV approvals.

 Specifically designed for portability in the safety of HMI solutions.  Compact and Lightweight, Ergonomic design, Resistive touchscreen and keypad with tactile feedback, and Low Power Consumption

I/O Modules for Integrated Solutions HMI+PLC (2 slots per 500/600 series HMIs)

PLIO03-CDS – I/O Module with 20 DI 24VDC, 12 DO 24VDC 0,5 A, 8 AI (4 diff or 8 singl or 4 PT100), 4 AO, 1 PT100 Cold Junct + CODESYS V2
PLIO04 -I/O Module with 10 DI 24VDC, 10 DO SSR 1.4 A, 4 Programmable AI voltage/PT100/TC, 4 AI voltage, 1 PT100
PLIO06-CDS – Compact I/O Module, 8 DI, 6 DO, 1 Relay Output, CODESYS V2
PLIO07 – Compact I/O Module, 2 Relay Outputs