NIASA was born in 1984 as a result of the expansion of the German group NEFF. 25 years later, NIASA designs, manufactures and sells linear units for the manufacturing of machines mainly used for the automation of productive processes.

The experience acquired throughout these 25 years sharing the concerns of our customers makes us rich in providing solutions, technical capacity and above all respect and prestige among the majoractors of the industrial sectors.

Thanks to an experienced technical department, a modern R&D department and a commercial management aimed at forecasting the market needs, we are able t provide advice on the application of our manufactured products and generate tailored equipments in order to bring about solutions to fulfil your needs in linear movements.

NIASA holds the ISO 9001 :2008 and ISO 1 4001 :2004 certifications and therefore complies with all the essential quality control procedures and environmental respect rules which guarantee the reliability of all our manufactured products, both during the direct processes and in the auxiliary workshops.