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Extrusion Applications

Two Story Display Safe for Walking On

We can help you design and build anything. This two story trade show structure was designed to support up to 20 visitors on the upper deck. Prior to construction the design was stamped by a licensed architect to verify the design exceeded safety requirements. We are aluminum structural framing experts call us today.

Small Machine Frame

Small Machine Frame

This air logic press was a great application for  extrusion.  Although a very simple application it shows that extrusion is the most appropriate and cost effective material for this press.

100 ft Long Walking Beam

Long Walking Beam

The use of  extrusion was perfect for this walking beam application. The walking beam was made in 4 different sections which allowed for easy assembly and shipping. The use of 90×90 and 60×60 extrusions provided the strength needed to lift and move the 1,800 lb load.  The extrusions were chosen not only because it was the most cost effective solution but because the system had to be designed for possible future changes

Clean Room

Clean Room

This is a custom clean room made from 45×45 extrusion and Plexiglas panels. The use of extrusion in this application allowed the customer to build an ISO 14644-1-7 cost effective clean room.

Adjustable Cut Off Saw

Extrusions were the best choice for this adjustable cut-off saw. Designed to be portable and sturdy.

Leader Board

This application shows that  extrusions are not limited to industrial applications. The use of a special extrusion with less T-slots provided a cleaner less industrial look. Also the the legs were designed to be easily removed for shipping