Greenco/Duramaster is a leading manufacturer of various quality pneumatic linear actuator product lines. We offer a wide variety of pneumatic air cylinder designs including rod less cylinders, guided cylinders, tie rod cylinders and air oil tanks for all kinds of industrial applications. We are known for manufacturing HIGH QUALITY, long lasting designs that stand the test of time! Greenco offers two space saving cylinder designs, Cable-Trol® and Trac-Trol®. Both cable cylinder designs provide the same stroke as conventional rod cylinders with pneumatic pistons but are approximately 50% SPACE SAVINGS. Our inflatable bladder or short stroke actuator called Powr-Tubes® can provide high forces over both short and long distances

Greenco Rodless Cylinders

Pneumatic Air Cylinder & Air Actuator Lines

Greenco rodless cylinders are used in pneumatic, hydraulic or high pressure applications. There are several types of styles to choose from depending on your application. Our pneumatic air cylinder and guided linear air actuator can be configured with a variety of accessories such as optional ports and positions plus automatic tensioners, reed switch packages and more.